Yaraan is a new initiative from Roshan Company for the youth of Afghanistan.

The University students can get the opportunity to participate in any of the following programs offered by Roshan, if the University signs the MOU;

1. Education Programs
2. Internship Program
3. Yaraan Dreams
4. Sports


Education Programs:

1. Student of the year scholarship:

  • Every year University students will get 1 year tuition fee or US$2,000 by winning Student of the Year competition.
  • Each institution will choose and send their 4 best /deserving students.
  • Only one of these 4 will be able to win the Student of the Year Award and will be decided after an internal exam.
  • The winner will get a certificate, Roshan goodies and his/her picture will be framed and hanged with the winner’s title in the University campus.
  • Only Yaraan SIM card holders will be allowed to participate.
  • No cash will be awarded to anyone, and the university will be paid 1 year fee directly.

2. TV show:

  • This platform will allow school students to get scholarship for starting their professional university studies.
  • We will invite teams from high schools to participate.
  • They will have to participate in a contest to get winner position through elimination rounds.
  • Winners to get one year scholarship to any of the local universities in Afghanistan.
  • Only Yaraan SIM card holders will be allowed to participate.

3. Education Expo:

  • Roshan is going to sponsor an education expo in Kabul.
  • This will provide an experiential involvement to the youth (mostly undergraduates) who would like to see the available choices in their educational career.
  • This program will provide guidance to the otherwise confused students to choose the most appropriate career path for themselves.
  • We will send SMS invitation to our customers.
  • The Universities signed the MOU can participate in the expo for free or by paying a mini amount of fee.

Career Programs:

1. Seminars and Workshops:

  • Roshan will hold career related activities & will invite industry leaders and arrange Seminars and Workshops with the participating universities.
  • The most relevant topics will be chosen.
  • Only our product holders can participate in the seminars and workshops.
  • Youth have a chance to meet leading industry leaders and explore career options.

2. Volunteer Club Program:

  • This is a program where Roshan will provide the motivated youth, who want to do something for others and don’t have enough resources or a chance to fulfill their dreams.
  • Roshan Volunteers will get special giveaways from Yaraan and will be given chances to work with international NGOs, Government projects and other organizations.
  • Only our SIM holders will be allowed to participate
  • This will address two major issues that the youth is facing today: Find volunteer jobs in Afghanistan. Adding work experience in NGO’s and other organizations to their CV’s.
  • The participants will get a certificate from Roshan.

3. Roshan Internship Program:

  • Graduates and undergrads will be given a chance to win 6 to 8 weeks paid internship with Roshan.
  • An online form will be available for participants to submit their CVs
  • Only Yaraan SIM holders will be allowed to participate.
  • This will address one of the main issue that the youth is facing today, whereby they don’t get a job because they have no experience
  • Roshan will provide them the experience and to add Roshan to their CVs.
  • Roshan may retain outstanding talent thus found if needed.


1. RAPL:

  • Our Yaraan Customers can get Yaraan RAPL match tickets from Roshan Shops for free.
  • A special Roshan enclosure has been created for these participants (they can enter by showing a special Yaraan stamp on the tickets).
  • They will be given special Roshan giveaways.
  • A group of drummers will be present to cheer the youth and dance and enjoy the beat.
  • Roshan Fan of the Day competition is created and the best fan is given an award.

2. Speed Badminton:

  • Roshan Marketing team will introduce and play this sport with University students during their campaign and marketing in universities campuses and later a speed badminton tournament will be held among the universities by Roshan.
  • The winner team will get 2,000 USD prize.
  • The participants should have Yaraan SIM card.

3. Bowling Competition:

  • Roshan will hold a bowling tournament among the universities in Kabul.
  • The winner team will get 2,000 USD prize.
  • The participants should have our product.


1. Battle of the bands:

  • University students will be invited to make their bands (singer, instrument players).
  • Bands will be given 3 months to prepare and practice.
  • Final event will be held in central universities.
  • Yaraan SIM card holders will be allowed free entry as audience- other pay a fee.
  • Judges will be invited from Music Industry and Music schools of Afghanistan.
  • Winners will be given awards and a chance to record their first Album by Roshan
  • Best songs will be available as CRBT on Kahkashan platform and royalty shared with the bands @ 50:50 ratio.